In physics white is not a colour. Is transparent equivalent to white if white is non-existing? ....and is white more than everything constantly chancing it ́s appearance in relation to light and surroundings? 

#FFFFFFF ARCHIVE is an investigative project that seeks to explore the notion of WHITE by categorically collecting all materials white in it ́s origin from our everyday surroundings. Hence, research is being transformed into a sculptural and haptic archive of contrasting surfaces, subtle nuances and material properties. The intention is to highlight and acknowl- edge the absence of colour and to encourage the viewer to rediscover just how versatile and complex white is when linked to materiality and contextual space. 

The #FFFFF Archive consists of approx. 200 cubes that are all created from scratch by melting, molding, sewing, carving etc.. They range from being constructed from substances such as latex, glue, acetone and foam to more well-known households materials like noodles, soap, candles and salt. Every cube can be viewed as an independent tiny sculpture due to the close attention to composition and detail during its creation. All 200 cubes will be presented in a thought-out organized grid to show the subtle graduation in hue in all nuances of white. 

The #FFFFF Archive is a collaboration with textile designer Nina Born, and was shown as a part of the exhibition Is This Color? In Rundetårn 2019.