“Siff Pristed fabulates, folds, samples, prints, knits, and creates her very own unique textile universe. Siff has processed a well-known Kvadrat fabric and created a spatial element and a mood displaying the fabric from a new angle. “

500 big and 1500 small ornamented, appliquéd, and hand-printed patches in shades of blue and purple; wall-hanging, blanket, or hammock according to one’s need. 

Taking as my starting point the Kvadrat classic Divina fabric, I have grafted upon the inherent qualities of the fabric and created a sculptural, floating body holder. Experiments with three-dimensional folding techniques versus the print on the flat wool felt generate a mood, a deep sense of calm, rather than a new product. 

In a kaleidoscopic universe of flat, folded and colourful units, the classic fabric becomes refined. In a range of colours moving from shades of strong, ultra- navy blue to nuances of deep purple, I apply the colour blue to create a mental space.

Exhibited as a part of THE TUBE, at Ventura Lambrate, during Il Salone, 2012 in Milan, Italy.

Materials: Kvadrat Divina – Dimensions: L 300 x W 250 x H250