Work in progress… Laboratorium 16
Groupexhibition at Officinet in February

GRADIENT – Sweaters, scarfs and headbands now available here!
Or come find me, and feel the warmth of italian wool at
Flid Marked the 12. + 13. of December.

New scarfs, new colors, now in the webshop!


Knitwork fashionwhow – FALSE KIN
Thanks to all the amazing models who helped us making a great show!
To see the full collection press here

Started rehearsing with the Radium team…
dark and mystical times are coming… soon in a theater near you!

Radium photoshoot for press-material. The play premiers at Copenhagen Musictheater October 16th. Costume design by me. Working leopard…

Preview —> Started working on the costumes for the play Radiumusic, which premiers at Københavns Musikteater october 16th

Thanks to all the great people i met at Reitir. Collaborated on different projects with some amazing artist, check them out here —>
Zoë Mc Pherson, Merja Hannele Ulvinen, Mads Binderup, Vaughan Williams, Julian Glander, Kyle Sauer and Stew Bird